Okuma Macturn 250

The MacTurn series was built to improve throughput and virtually eliminate fixturing to ultimately enhance the quality and accuracy of your parts. Automatic tool exchange, large tool storage, lower live turret and available 9-axis machining/turning functions make the MacTurn ideal for many high technology operations.


Swing Over Bed (mm) Ø 530
Max Machine Dia (mm) Ø 550
Distance Between Centers (mm) 1155
X Axis Travel (mm) 475
Z Axis Travel (mm) 1170
Y Axis Travel (mm) 160
W Axis Travel (mm) 1165
C Axis Travel (degree) 360
B Axis Travel (degree) 210
Left Spindle Speed (rpm) 38~5000
Left Spindle Bore (mm) Ø62
Right Spindle Speed (rpm) 45~6000
Right Spindle Bore Ø43
Number of Tools


Main Spindle (20min/cont) kW 22/15
Opposing Spindle (20min/cont) kW


Okuma Multus B400

The new Okuma Multus-B400 is a general purpose multi-function machine that is designed to reduce set up time by virtually eliminating repetitive fixturing to improve accuracy and keep non-cutting time to a minimum. It features the industry's first Collision Avoidance System software. It is designed to hand the part from one spindle to the other to complete milling and turning operations without changing the part.


Swing Over Saddle (mm) Ø 710
Max Machine Dia (mm) Ø 710
Distance Between Centers (mm) 1500
X Axis Travel (mm) 690
Z Axis Travel (mm) 1545
Y Axis Travel (mm) 230
W Axis Travel (mm) 1550
C Axis Travel (degree) 360
B Axis Travel (degree) 225
Main Spindle Speed (rpm) 38~2800
Tapered Bore / Bearing Dia (mm) Ø80 / 120 (Ø110 / 150 )
Sub Spindle Speed (rpm) 38~3800
Tapered Bore / Bearing Dia Ø80 / 120
Speed Range (rpm) 50~6000 (10000)
Number of Tools 40
Main Spindle (20min/cont) kW 30/22
Live-Tool Spindle (5min/cont) kW VAC 20/14
Opposing Spindle (20min/cont) kW VAC 22/15

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